Re-Presenting Clients and how to record them on the Excel Sheet

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  1. When should you create a new row on the spreadsheet for a Client?

        It is one row in the spreadsheet per ACTIVE CLIENT.

  • The new tool stores the data you submit in pseudonymised form. *the old tool did not store anything so could only read what you gave it*
  • When you submit a client row of data… the ‘uniqueness’s is now the Client ID and the Referral date

        Different scenarios and what to do:

  1. If you have discharged your client and they re-present/ are re-referred to you in 21 days or fewer (for IPS-AD) then you should:
    1. Keep and use the original row in the spreadsheet for that client, do not alter any of the dates for             referral, VP start, first employer contact, first and subsequent job starts etc. You would simply amend     their Caseload status to be the new appropriate value and add in Job Starts after the existing ones.
      • For example, if Joe Bloggs was discharged and he had started his 3rd Job at the time of discharge, you would use the Job Start 4 columns to enter any new job they obtain during this time after re-presenting/ being re-referred.
  2. If you have discharged your client and they re-present/are re-referred to you 22 days or more (for IPS-AD) then you should:
    1. Create a new row for the client using the same Client ID, and enter a new referral date.
    2. Do not alter the original row relating to this client in the spreadsheet.
      • For example, if Jane West secured a job and was discharged from your service, but re-present a year later, you would create a new row, use the same Client ID you used for the individual previously but now add a brand new referral date and create a new and relevant VP with its own new VP start.
      • OR
      • For example, if Anita Khan secured a job, was receiving in work support, and then required Retention support after the In-work support period ended, you would: Create a new row, use the same Client ID, enter the new referral date as the date Retention support is required/requested, and mark them as Employed in the Status at Referral column and then proceed to complete the new row on the spreadsheet accordingly.

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