****Client ID column - NO PERSONAL DATA HERE PLEASE****

Created by Miranda Brennan, Modified on Wed, 31 May, 2023 at 8:41 AM by Miranda Brennan

We are aware that Systm1 uses the individual's own NHS Number as the system Client ID. This is not good practice and we cannot accept the personally identifiable NHS Number as the Client ID in column A on the standardised spreadsheet for the IPS Grow Reporting Tool

This would be a breach of the Terms and Conditions of use.

You must create your own unique client ID to use in column A of the spreadsheet if you use Systm1/ any other system that uses NHS Numbers, NI Numbers etc as the system client ID.

You can use whatever ID works for you eg: REF00001, REF00002 or IPS00001, IPS00002 or anything else that works for you.

If you create three or four IDs manually then you can select and highlight all four entries in Column A and drag them down and excel will automatically create the sequential IDs all the way down as far as you can drag.

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